In the early 1900's, Rollins College was a football powerhouse, playing - and often beating - the Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes, Stetson Hatters, Florida Southern Moccasins and Tampa Spartans. In 1949, the Rollins College Football Team celebrated an undefeated season, ending the year on a triumphant note. Unfortunately, that was the last year that Rollins had a football program; President Wagner eliminated the program citing financial reasons.


College Football is back in Winter Park!


Sixty years later a student led drive to field a football team resulted in the creation of the Rollins College Football Club.  In 2011 the club became a member of the National Club Football Association (NCFA) which has 25 members, including the University of North Carolina, Clemson University, University of Vermont and Miami University.  Membership in the NCFA will afford the Rollins Football Team the opportunity to play in regional conferences as well as the annual national championship game.